domingo, 16 de novembro de 2008

Anita Damas and Laelia Milleri

A couple of weeks ago me and the best friend of mine Laelia Milleri we had a good time with a camera. She was a photographer as usual and I was a model;) All photos of me on my website are thanks to her.

terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

segunda-feira, 3 de novembro de 2008

People I would like to meet: Orla Kiely

One of my favorite designers is Orla Kiely. London based Irish print and fashion designer intrigued me from the beginning when first time I have seen her bag with a characteristic stem pattern in my adorable colours.I love everything she created.
She is influenced by Fifties Danish design which she has cleverly modernised.
She designs quirky printed dresses, lovely handbags and accessories. The homeware collection is a new.
Orla Kiely's brand she launched about 12 years ago with her husband Dermott Rowan and now supplies over 3000 the best shops worldwide but she is pretty democratic in bringing quality design to the masses.
Their business is growing up but they both say it was not easy and they can not believe they did it. Their advice to anyone starting out " is to do something that you passionately believe in and are 100 per cent happy doing. That has been the case for both of us. and be prepared for very hard work".
And I agree with them and I do what I love:-)

terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2008

Interiors I could live in: Emily Chalmers Loft

Emily Chalmer is the owner of an interiors boutique "Caravan" in East London. Her ex-industrial loft is full of various types of materials in many different patterns and treasures from flea markets. They are interestingly combined to create an original space of eclectic chic which I absolutely adore.
All these photos by Debi Treloar are from her book " flea market style ".


1. Beautiful things never go out of style!

2. Too much patterns confuse and irritate so it is better to link them by colour or similar motifs...

3. Domestic pipes and cables can be useful to store tools or to display beads and dresses...

4. Buying on the flea markets, jumble sales, village fairs or internet sites it is not only a money saver but first and foremost it is an opportunity to create a unique and cosy space that we can really call home!

quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2008

domingo, 14 de setembro de 2008

Ranelagh Arts Festival 2008

Currently I am painting for Ranelagh Arts Festival which will start on the last week of September (23rd-28 September, Dublin). For more information you can read on

Terry Connaughton (artistic director of this festival) has invited me to participate in it with another artists and I am very curious about how it is going to be...

quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2008


Welcome! I finally created a Blogspot account today.I am Anita Damas and I live in Dublin. I am an artist/interior designer. I encourage you to check out all the paintings I created and read about me and my company at
Please ask permission before using any photos on your personal or professional site. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.