sexta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2010

Friends of Nitinha - Gabriela Ordenes and her Josefina Knits

Gabriela Ordenes - knitting designer, poet and cloud watching, also mum of three. Her beautiful work, inspired by fairies, you can see on her blog Josefina Knits. Her work you can buy on etsy. She also sells there her knitting patterns for a very affordable price.

Friday with an illustration. Check my blog "Nitinha"

A ilustração da semana. Confira o blog da Nitinha "Nitinha"

2 comentários:

Gabriela disse...

Dear Nitinha... im in love with your work. Your design has exceeded my expectations, and im very very lucky girl, and happy :)


Anita Damas disse...

Oh, how nice to hear it again :) Thank you, Josefina:) You make my days happier:)