domingo, 14 de abril de 2013

Woodland - "The owl"

"The owl" is the first painting for my new exhibition "Woodland". It's going to be in June at COR.Galeria de Arte. But a couple of my new paintings, I'm going to show at the opening of my atelier "Open studio" 27th of April at 4:00pm. Welcome.

I live close to the forest, almost in, and I enjoy it a lot. But I miss some animals, well known by me from Poland. Because of my paintings, it's possible to bring them here.

Forest is full of mystery and magic. When I was a child, every holidays I went to my granny. There was a real, big Forest. Together with my sister, we loved to play over there. There were mushrooms, blueberries and acorns. Deers, squirrels and hedgehogs. But we always were thinking, what could happen if we meet a boar, wolf or other wild monster. We were scared, but it didn't stop us to go there. Yes, I do miss it.
Now, I try to combine the forest I live close to, with the forest from my childhood. I want to take you on a tour of my Woodland, my Wonderland I'm deeply in. I hope, you will enjoy it. My kids already do :) ...

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