sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

The opening of the exhibition "Bosque" at the Cor. Galeria de arte

About me and my exhibition "Bosque" in Jornal Diário Catarinense by Juliana Wosgraus . Photo by Laelia Milleri - my dear friend and photographer from Dublin.

Good mood factory products - limited edition "Bosque" at Cor. Galeria de arte

Unfortunately, at the same day of my opening was the Big Manifestation in Floripa. We couldn't change the day and I had to be at the gallery and take responsibility of all invitations we distributed. Because of the Manifestation, I was sure that nobody would come. What was my surprise when people started coming!
Not as much as usual but this time - "Less is more" - came true. I had more time to talk to everyone. I've got couple of new students, good mood factory products, the limited edition "Bosque", disappeared immediately, and the writer of Children books, I had for the first time possibility to talk with, liked so much my paintings that wants to introduce me to her publisher. I'm happy enough...

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