terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Ingrid Jansen, a Friend of Nitinha and the Wood Wool Stool Hanger

Dutch designer, Ingrid Jansen, I have met a couple months ago on Flickr and we became friends. She runs her little company " WOOD & WOOL STOOL " , which I adore very much.
Because she is a very interesting person, talented women and she also is a big fan of my illustrations (she told me about it :)), I have got an idea to draw her as a friend of Nitinha.
Then she took me by surprise, framing it as " a little piece of art" and posting about it on her lovely blog
She also sent this cute little wood wool hanger as a gift to Little Ivo.
Ingrid, thank you very much, you are woodwoolstool! ( wonderful!)

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