sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Going to the galleries

Yesterday, I went with my new paintings to Flavia Tronca Art Office. Flavia Tronca is a great painter and an incredibly pleasant person. She wanted to talk about her new projects, I'm part of . More details soon.
After, I met also Marina Marshall Baldini in Cor. Galeria de Arte to talk about my individual exhibition in June.
Both of them support me here a lot. I'm very thankful to them!

2 comentários:

cat-i-ushka disse...

u Ciebie zawsze tyle pięknych kolorów, roślin i aranżacji :)

Anita Damas disse...

Dziekuje Kasiu:) A u Ciebie za to zawsze kolorowa szafa roznosci!